Wild Duck

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I got this little fella as a party favor after a dinner party a few months ago. My girlfriend’s cousin had a freezer full of them after one of his friends went duck hunting and I was happy to take one off his hands. After finally deciding to make a Tuesday project out of it, I thawed the bird then salted and let it sit uncovered overnight in the fridge to help the skin crisp up better.

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sunday supper club: 01.15.12

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January at the greenmarket in NYC starts to be frustrating. I’ve had so many beets, carrots, and apples at this point that I’m starting to fantasize about spring already when winter is barely under way. But there’s always more creativity to be squeezed out or old things to be newly attempted if you have it in you. This week, I didn’t, so I turned to thomas keller for assistance yet again.

My surf and turf was a vague impression of what I’m sure is a colossal dish at TFL.

short ribs and monkfish

The new look at carbonara using gnocchi instead of pasta seemed to work, although it will require some tweaking in the future. It was nice to be able to put my first cured meat on center stage, too.

I crisped up the last of the duck confit in a hot oven, sigh, and served it in a colorful, sweet, and peppery salad.

duck confit salad


duck confit salad
pea shoots, ginger beets, watermelon radish, orange citronette

gnocchi carbonara
house guanciale, grana padano, black pepper

surf and turf
red wine braised shortribs, monkfish, crimini, parsley

dark chocolate and fruit
rum milk, disappointment

sunday supper club: xmas eve

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Cooking for family can be difficult. Everyone is happy to eat together, but nobody is shy about the dishes that they don’t like or that simply didn’t work.

For my dad, the octopus seemed a bit bland.

OCTOPUS. lime, serrano, fennel, black olive, orange

For my mom, the roasted parsnip agnolotti filling was too creamy.

PARSNIP AGNOLOTTI. brown butter, sage, beet-balsamic reduction

For my sister’s boyfriend, there were too many almonds in the salad.

WINTER KALE SALAD. radish, kohlrabi, apple, buttermilk dressing

For my sister, not enough duck fat was trimmed out of the confited legs.


For my brother, the cassoulet beans were a bit overdone.

CASSOULET. duck confit, herb sausage, pork belly, tired looking conrad.

And they all were right. This is how I stay honest and get better. Thanks guys.

Nobody had anything to say about the chocolate berry tart. Surprise, surprise.

merry christmas!

sunday supper club: 11.06.11

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I accidentally got a little drunk while prepping for this one and didn’t end up taking any pictures during the night. My bad. Here’s a pretty landscape at Plank House Farm instead:

plank house farm

Many thanks to Rose and Justin in Vt for the delicious pig they raised on their farm. I served the tail end with braised collards, polenta, and gravy.  One of my favorite components of SSC so far has been these collards braised w fresno chilis, maple syrup, yellow onion, and home-smoked ham hocks.  So yums.

Also, inspirational credit to Roberta’s for the little fried sweetbreads plate, such a great flavor and texture combination.

devils on horseback

& quick pickles

radish, beet, corn, kirbies, carrots


lamb sweetbreads

fresh fig, taleggio, honey, black pepper

tail end pork roast

apple gravy, hock braised collards, creamed polenta


spiced rum raisin bread pudding

pear, creamline milk

sunday supper club: 10.30.11

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Look how pretty the potatoes!



Batch-frying them in a pot is kind of a pain. Next time, I’m baking them on a silpat between sheet trays.

Carving second portions of lamb table-side was lots of fun, especially as the guests could follow the contours of the raisin-and-anchovy studded flavor cavities. Here it is barded with bacon before it goes in…

leg of lamb

My roommate’s favorite dish of SSC thus far is still this kabocha ravioli.  It’s hard to go wrong with fresh pasta, brown butter, and sage; but there’s a bit more here: a savory gruyere and caramelized onion puree is incorporated into the squash, it nicely balances the spiced nuts and the sweetness is drawn out by a drizzle of balsamic reduction.  When I made these, I hadn’t yet gotten into the self-sealing agnolotti technique, so these were a bit more “rustic” than I would have liked.


I’m clearly not a pastry chef. 3-2-1 pie crusts have become my last-minute go to when I’m lacking ideas. But it was chocolate and frozen banana so nobody complained.

chocolate espresso tart


blue potato chips
salmon tartar, smoked chub in dill cream


kabocha ravioli

brown butter, purple sage, cumin spiced walnuts


moroccan roast leg of lamb

harissa israeli couscous, golden raisin, fennel braised tatsoi


chocolate tart

banana shards, espresso, vanilla ice cream

sunday supper club: 10.16.11

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this meal pays homage to a few different sources. the beets are just shy of straight ripping the ABCkitchen dish, with house made yogurt using a recipe from some friends of mine with dairy cows.


the dandelion, pretzel, cheddar is a variation of one of the greenmarket specials that amanda frietag introduced when i was at the harrison.  the peanut oil and onsen egg were game day decisions which i think turned out well.

dandelion cheddar pretzel

dandelion greens

the cod w melted leeks is TK inspired. i had my first tipperary cocktail a few days before this meal and was smitten… a couple months later it’s still a staple.

sweet beets
house yogurt, pickled carrots, chervil

| |

dandelion greens
raw milk cheddar, martin’s handmade pretzels, peanut-cider vinaigrette

pan roasted cod
brussels sprouts and cannelinis, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, melted leeks

| | |
pumpkin tartlet
pistachio brittle, tipperary #1

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