back in the kitchen

June 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

i’ve had some time away from the kitchen over the past couple of months. new jobs, new schedules, and an extended cooking hangover from my last large dinner event. but a combination of devouring gabrielle hamilton’s amazing memoir (see negroni in upper right), the delicious branzini i had at market table last night (see… well, it’s obvious), and my recently perusal of the long acclaimed ottolenghi cookbook plenty (see bowl of malaysian goodness), inspired me to get back in there tonight and have a family style meal with the sibs.

thanks for remembering to take a picture, sis

the most exciting new thing for all of us was the sambal which i adapted from plenty. tangy, spicy, shalloty- i can see this thing going far in lots of applications. i plan to try a lot more chili/tamarind combinations with different kinds of chilis, different oils, different acids and sweeteners. also made a quick dry rub of coriander, star anise, grey salt, black and szechuan pepper for the fish stuffed with fennel fronds, garlic, and lemon- which wasn’t bad.


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