sunday supper club: 10.16.11

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this meal pays homage to a few different sources. the beets are just shy of straight ripping the ABCkitchen dish, with house made yogurt using a recipe from some friends of mine with dairy cows.


the dandelion, pretzel, cheddar is a variation of one of the greenmarket specials that amanda frietag introduced when i was at the harrison.  the peanut oil and onsen egg were game day decisions which i think turned out well.

dandelion cheddar pretzel

dandelion greens

the cod w melted leeks is TK inspired. i had my first tipperary cocktail a few days before this meal and was smitten… a couple months later it’s still a staple.

sweet beets
house yogurt, pickled carrots, chervil

| |

dandelion greens
raw milk cheddar, martin’s handmade pretzels, peanut-cider vinaigrette

pan roasted cod
brussels sprouts and cannelinis, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, melted leeks

| | |
pumpkin tartlet
pistachio brittle, tipperary #1


contra @ russian hill

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June 14, 2011

home-made parmesan cracker, fava bean purée, ricotta salata, mint


pattypan squash carpaccio, panzanella, purple basil, preserved lemon vinaigrette


pan-roasted halibut, spring vegetable barigoule, artichoke chip


tarte tatin, lemon crème fraiche, golden raspberries

contra @ goodfarm

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Claverack, New York

miss piggy

Friday, May 20th


duck egg carbonara
roasted rigatoni, black pepper, parsley

fiddlehead ferns
chili flakes, garlic, parmesan

* * *

kiwi honey lassi


yellow squash carpaccio
cherry tomato panzanella, bocconcini, sherry vinaigrette

pan roasted trout
horseradish cream, fennel fried gnocchi, roasted beet

sautéed spinach

* * *

spiced marble bread pudding
pear compote, dark rum


Saturday, May 21st


lentil salad
poached egg, lardons, dijon

warm criminis w crispy shallots

* * *

split banana
salted butterscotch, frozen strawberries, vanilla whipped cream


sea scallop ceviche
georgia peach, jalapeño, red onion

grilled porkchop
cannelini purée, crispy chorizo, sage

braised kale w leeks

* * *

vanilla meringue tart
crème pâtissière, dark chocolate ganache, cocoa

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